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Student organizations

The list below represents student organizations that may be of interest to CBS students.


College of Biological Sciences Student Board
Holds events for all CBS students, represents the student body at CBS and University administrative affairs, communicates with the deans, and supports other CBS student organizations. Student Board website
College of Biological Sciences Student Ambassadors
Serve as representatives for the CBS student population, participate in CBS and U of MN sponsored events, and act as outreach ambassadors to the community and prospective students. CBS Ambassadors website
Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED)
National Health Pre-Professional Honor Society dedicated to assisting students engaged in the pursuit of a professional healthcare career. AED website
American Medical Student Association - Pre Med Minneapolis Chapter (AMSA Premed)
Improving health care and its delivery to all people; involving its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine.
Biochemistry Club
Improve the educational experience, provide career advancement tools and specialized leadership training opportunities for majors in the discipline.
Biological Science Research Club (BSRC)
Gain exposure to current research through seminar speaker presentations, discussion, and practice reading, interpreting, and presenting scientific journal articles.
Biology Without Borders (BWB)
Provides direct resources to students who wish to gain international experience through global volunteerism, assisting professionals in health related careers. BWB website
Brain Club
Creates social and educational events that will allow students interested in the neurosciences to pursue their passion.
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Club (EEB)
For those interested in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, but not limited to those in the EEB major. Promotes trips to Itasca State Park and community service activites. Formerly named Headwaters Ecology Club. EEB Club website
Ethics in Medicine and Global Healthcare
Introduces ethical practices in medicine to undergraduate pre-health professional students and allows for future health professionals to gain analytical skills necessary to make ethically appropriate medical decisions.
Forensic Science Club (FSC)
Provides events, field trips, information, and a forum for speakers to members of the University community interested in forensic science. FSC website
Future Leaders Aspiring in Science and Healthcare (FLASH)
Exploring opportunities within the life sciences and healthcare industry on and off campus, at the same time addressing various needs in the community.
Future Scientist Association
Dedicated to educating students interested in science with advanced level skills for research.
Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development Club (GCD Club)
GCD club exists to promote and generate interest in the many aspects of genetics, cellular biology and development. This is accomplished through active engagement via field trips, guest speakers, projects, and journaling.
Health and Biological Research News Club (HBR News Club)
HBR News is a group for young scientists to better their understanding of contemporary scientific research. Long-term goals of HBR News include furthering worldwide dissemination of biological knowledge and creating working professional relationships within a team of motivated individuals. Members read scientific publications, choose an article to summarize, and then publish their work to HBR News Club aims to help its members develop research skills and to promote public understanding of current scientific discoveries.
Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)
HOSA is a nationally recognized organization that educates and gives opportunities to future health care leaders. Students in this group can compete at the state and national level in different categories and will gain knowledge about different health care professions.
Marine Biology Club
This group is for students with interests relating to marine biology and conservation to come together and discuss fundraiser opportunities and plan marine biology related outings. Students could potentially engage in hands-on learning about marine wildlife and discuss opportunities relating to the marine biology minor and plans for after college. Marine Biology Club website
Microbiology Club
The Microbiology Club functions to provide students with information about the many career choices in microbiology, to get students involved in microbiology research projects, and to connect students to the many resources available through the American Society for Microbiology. Club activities include presentations by academic and industrial researchers, and field trips to local research facilities. Contact
Microbiota in Health and Medicine Interest Group 
This group aims to involve university health students in the cutting edge field of intestinal microbiota and fecal transplantation. Members will have the opportunity to be involved through donation, research and educational opportunities.
Minnesota Medical Leaders (MML)
Developing values-based healthcare leaders by bridging the gap from ambition to action. MML website                 
Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS)
Assist minority pre-medical students in gaining insight into professional healthcare careers through informational programs, academic resources, and volunteer opportunities. MAPS website
MSTEM assists in the engagement of multicultural students pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) disciplines and provide a community to these students who are underrepresented across the University. MSTEM provides connections between students, faculty and professionals from industry and research institutions to increase the number of students exposed to job, research opportunities, post baccalaureate, and graduate school programs.
Pre-Dental Club @ the University of Minnesota
Forum for those interested in exploring dental schools and the application process, as well as dentistry in general. Pre-Dental Club website
Pre-Genetic Counseling Club
Expose students to the life of a genetic counselor, become prepared to apply for graduate school, and to make connections with people in the genetic counseling community.
Pre-Meds in Action
This group allows students to engage in volunteering and provides 
opportunities for students to interact with and contact professionals in the healthcare industry and others in biologically related fields. Speakers may deliver presentations regarding medical topics and related fields.
Pre-Occupational Therapy Group
The goal of the Pre-Occupational Therapy Group is to promote the knowledge of occupational therapy among students and to build a community of students passionate about becoming Occupational Therapists. The group will be involved in volunteer as well as social activities.
Pre-Optometry Club
Are you interested in becoming an optometrist? Would you like to learn more about the field and what it takes to become an eye doctor? The Pre-Optometry Club is a fast growing club with 25 members. We will be hosting big events in Coffman, having optometrists come speak to the club, and visiting optometrists’ offices in the local area. Contact
Pre-Pharmacy Club
Students wishing to explore the field of Pharmacy and gather with students sharing similar interests. Pre-Pharmacy Club website
Pre-Physical Therapy Club
To educate students about the field of physical therapy and provide a sense of community among students with this career interest.
Pre- Physician Assistant Organization
Provides crucial information to students aspiring to obtain a degree as a Physician Assistant. Educational meetings to inform students about the application process and opportunities available within the profession.
Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA)
This group is designed to educate individuals on osteopathic medicine 
and the process of applying to osteopathic medical school. We will educate members via monthly speakers, presentations, and general forum meetings, as well as participation in conventions and osteopathic medicine fairs. We will also engage in appropriate community service.
Pre-Veterinarian Club
The Pre-Vet Club’s purpose is to instill the utmost knowledge in future veterinarians through the use of speakers, study groups, group discussions, hands-on experience and social events.
Synthetic Biology Society (SBS) 
This is an academic club comprised of current and former iGEM
(international Genetically Engineered Machine Competition) participants
and students, all who share an excitement for synthetic biology. The
club's goals are to generate and spread interest, awareness, and
understanding of synthetic biology and to foster a sustainable community
of synthetic biologists on campus. SBS website
Zoology Club
This club is geared towards individuals who have a love for zoology. From tardigrades to elephants, club members will enjoy talking with other zoology enthusiasts about the latest research findings and more! Field trips to wildlife reservations and zoos will be included along with guest lecturers.