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Current Lab Members

Somi Afiuni, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Researcher
Education: B.S. Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Chemistry, 2004; Ph.D. University of Arak(Bio) Analytical Chemistry, 2011
Research Interests: Redox-proteomics analysis of oxidative stress-induced reactive carbonyl modifications of proteins which can be used as biomarker discovery tools and also for better understanding mechanisms of biological function and diseases such as cancers, Alzheimer's and heart disease.

Photograph of Ebbing de Jong

Ebbing de Jong, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Research Associate

Education: B.Sc. University of Guelph, Chemistry, 2001; Ph.D. University of Alberta, Analytical Chemistry, 2007

Research interests:  The early detection and treatment of oral cancer leads to dramatic improvements in patients’ survival and treatment outcome.  However, no suitable tests exist to rapidly and inexpensively monitor at-risk patients.  I am working to identify proteins in saliva which are indicative of the early stages of cancer progression.  To this end, I am interested in developing and improving existing methodologies for biomarker discovery.  My work has included the assessment of sample handling factors, development of an abundant protein removal method by substrate affinity depletion, investigation of sample fractionation and separation technologies, and mass spectrometry methods including LC-MSMS and selected reaction monitoring (SRM).

Photograph of Joel Kooren

Joel Kooren
Ph.D. Student, BMBB

Education: B.S. Chemistry with Biochemistry minor, North Dakota State University

Research interests: Developing sample collection methods for OSCC and OPML that supply relevant biomarkers while minimizing invasiveness and maximizing compatibility with MS-based proteomics. Currently I am studying the relevance of sampling fluid (exudate) directly from oral lesions and carcinomas in order to find and/or verify protein biomarkers.

Photograph Susan Van Riper

Susan Van Riper
Ph.D. student, Biomedical Informatics and Computational Biology (BICB) program (John Carlis, Computer Science, co-advisor)

Education:  B.S. Computer Information Systems, Winona State University; M.S. Software Engineering, University of Minnesota

Research Interests:  My interests are to improve mass spectrometry based protein identification by developing novel computational techniques for de novo peptide sequencing.   I am currently working on implementation of relational algebra database extensions to integrate parallel, but complementary, ultra-high resolution dissociation techniques in order to expand the salivary proteome, with emphasis on characterizing the protein abundance changes in saliva from patients with either oral cancer or breast cancer.

Former Lab Members

Name, Years

Degree earned


Current position

Matt Stone


Post-doctoral researcher

Proteomic approaches for biomarker discovery and PTM characterization

Senior MS Field Applications Specialist

Waters Corporation


Getiria Onsongo



Developing computational methods for quantitative proteomics and bioinformatic analysis

Research Associate

Masonic Cancer Center

University of Minnesota


Mikel Roe



Proteomic analysis of protein carbonylation

Post-doctoral researcher, University of Minnesota (

Sri Bandhakavi


Post-doctoral researcher

Descriptive and quantitative proteomics in cells and fluids

Senior Scientist, Bio-Rad ( )

Hongwei Xie


Post-doctoral researcher

Director of Mass Spectrometry, KBI Biopharma

Senior Scientist, Waters Corp (


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