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Join us for a jolt of discovery

Find out what a dozen University researchers are up to behind lab doors and out in the field. sci/spark is your chance to discover new research (and new people) in five-minute bursts of illumination.

For November, sci/spark presenters cover a dizzying breadth of topics from nanocrystals to global cycles. The connection? Minnesota Queer Science. Come find out how it all fits together – and eat!

NOVEMBER 19 @ 6 p.m.

IonE Seminar Room R380

Learning & Environmental Sciences Bldg. | St. Paul
Food and drinks in R350 @ 5:30 p.m.


Topics and tentative titles include:

  • Laughing, coughing, and singing with data (multimedia data exploration)

  • Microbial pathogens: drivers of plant biodiversity? (origins of plant biodiversity)

  • A Mutation Too Many: New Ways to Treat HIV Infection (HIV lethal mutagenesis)

  • HIV: Beyond treatment to prevention (Biomedical, social, and legal aspects of preventative HIV drugs)
  • The spider in the web: the importance of nuclear positioning in cell migration (Cell biology and cell migration)
  • Invasive earthworms in Minnesota forests (earthworm invasion)
  • Something's Fishy in the Nest (invasive fish, control and management, population modeling
  • Love the One You're (Crossed) With (genetic variation for fitness-related traits in a native prairie grass)
  • Plants in cities: adapted or just visiting?! (ecology and evolution of urban plants)
  • Folding rocks, bending gender (geology field camp)
  • Taking a Look at Tiny Things (using electron microscopes to look at nanoparticles)
  • Minnesota Nice & Cold (cryogenic transmission electron microscopy)
  • Sticky Stuff (Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your nanocrystal grow?)

Sponsored by the College of Biological Sciences, the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Science, and Minnesota Queer Science


Presenters include:

Jim Bradeen
Ethan Brown
Nathan D. Burrows
Shelby Flint
Lee Frelich
Judd Hultquist
Grace Loppnow
Daniel Nidzgorski
Lee Penn
Jennifer Soltis
Mohamed Yakub


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