University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
College of Biological Sciences

Paul Venturelli

Ph.D. 2009, University of Toronto
Assistant Professor, Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology


  • FW 5601 Fisheries Population Analysis


Research in my lab combines experimentation, field data, modeling, and theory to examine the role that life history traits play in shaping the population dynamics of fishes that are of interest to management or conservation. We then use this information to evaluate and propose different options for species management, recovery, or control. For example, can northern populations sustain more fishing mortality than southern ones? Which fishing regulation is most sustainable in populations in which large fish are more reproductively valuable than small ones? On which life stage(s) should we focus in order to maximize our impact on the population dynamics of an endangered or invasive species? Ongoing and upcoming projects include the use of growing degree-days to describe life history and predict sustainable rates of exploitation along a thermal gradient, an individual-based model for predicting the response of aquatic food webs to coastal river delta restoration, and induced nest failure as a mechanism for controlling invasive smallmouth bass.

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Recent Publications

  • Popowich RC, PA Venturelli, JD Stelfox & RB Taylor (2011) Validation of a morphological key for field identification of bull trout x brook trout hybrids. North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 31:548-553.
  • Venturelli PA, CA Murphy, BJ Shuter, TA Johnston, PJvC deGroot, PT Boag, JM Casselman, R Montgomerie, MD Wiegand & WC Leggett (2010) Maternal influences on population dynamics: evidence from an exploited freshwater fish. Ecology, 91:2003-2012.
  • Venturelli PA, NP Lester, TR Marshall & BJ Shuter (2010) Consistent patterns of maturity and density-dependent growth among populations of walleye (Sander vitreus): application of the growing-degree-day metric. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 67:1057-1067.
  • Venturelli PA, BJ Shuter & CA Murphy (2009) Evidence for harvest-induced maternal influences on the reproductive rates of fish populations. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B 276:919-924 Media: Aqua Globe (internet), Arts & Science Year in Review (print), CBC’s Airplay (radio), Presstext (internet), Science Daily (internet), The Environment Report (radio), Ontario Out of Doors (print), Outdoor Canada (print), U of T Magazine (print), YES magazine (print), various blogs
  • Venturelli PA & WM Tonn (2006) Diet and growth of northern pike in the absence of prey fishes: initial consequences for persisting in disturbance-prone lakes. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 135:1512-1522.