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University of Minnesota
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Wackett Lab

Research Overview

The Wackett laboratory studies microbial enzymes and pathways for biocatalysis and biodegradation and helped build the Biocatalysis/Biodegradation Database.

Atrazine – Biocatalyst encapsulation and water treatment
Cyanuric acid – Removal from swimming pool water
Hydrocarbon biosynthesis – Enzyme structure and mechanisms
Enzyme-based sensors for detecting food toxicants
New Projects
Biodegradation relevant to hydraulic fracturing (fracking)
Biocatalysis relevant to upgrading the value of natural gas

News Highlights

Atrazine - Silica-encapsulated biocatalysts degrade atrazine, Reatugui, et al, 2012

Cyanuric acid - New paper - Seffernick, et al. 2012

Hydrocarbon biosynthesis - Structure of OleA described, Goblirsch, et al. 2012

Hydraulic fracturing water treatment -  Minnesota Futures 2012 Awardee

National Science Foundation grant award