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John M. Ward

Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1991
Phone: 612-625-4763

Research Interests

In my lab we are interested in the function of transporters, pumps, and channels in plants. These are membrane proteinsthat control the flow of solutes into and out of cells and cellular organelles. Our main focus is on metabolite transporters in the plasma membrane and their role in long-distance transport in plant vascular tissue. We use the tools of molecular biology, electrophysiology, and genetics to study membrane protein structure/function and transgenic approaches to understand the roles of genes encoding membrane proteins in plants.

Selected Publications

Gora PJ, Reinders A, Ward JM (2012) A novel fluorescent assay for sucrose transporters. Plant Methods 8:13

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Sivitz, A.B., Reinders, A., Ward, J.M. (2005). Analysis of the Transport Activity of Barley Sucrose Transporter HvSUT1. Plant Cell Physiol.46:1666-1673).

Contact Information

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Dr. John Ward
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Office: 618 Biological Sciences Center
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