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Research Interests

My research focuses on three main areas:

  1. the influence of changes in atmospheric composition and climate on ecosystem processes;
  2. the effects of urbanization and suburbanization on biogeochemical cycles; and
  3. the influence of plant species on biogeochemical processes.

In the area of global change, I aim to understand how global nutrient cycles affect carbon cycling; how variation in biodiversity, atmospheric carbon dioxide, nitrogen inputs, warming, and precipitation influence grassland ecosystems; and how warming alters community and ecosystem processes at the southern boreal-temperate forest ecotone. In the area of urban ecology, I am studying the effects of urban and suburban development on biogeochemical cycling. In particular we are focusing on quantifying sources of nutrient pollutants to subwatersheds of the Mississippi River and how nutrients move from land to stormwater. We are also studying the role of human choices in both creating and solving urban environmental problems. In all of this work, the influence of plants on soils is an underyling theme.

Lab News

  • We're excited that Melissa Pastore will be joining the lab as a PhD student this fall. Welcome, Melissa!
  • Congratulations to Clare Kazanski on being awarded an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant for her work on how fungi mediate the response of soil carbon cycling to global change!
  • Congratulations to Rachel King on receiving on Honorable Mention for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!
  • Congratulations to Pamela Weisenhorn and Daniel Nidzgorski for earning their PhDs! Pamela is now a postdoc at Argonne National Lab. Daniel is doing a postdoc with a MNDrive project.


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Sarah E Hobbie

Professor, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
Office: 502 Ecology
Office Phone: 612-625-6269
Lab Phone: 612-624-7734