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Norwegian Centennial Chair

Mission statement

The Norwegian Centennial Chair Program seeks to promote strategic cooperation in research and academic education between the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), University of Oslo (UiO) and University of Minnesota (UM) by strengthening and expanding existing, and by promoting and facilitating new transatlantic collaborations in cutting-edge research. A major goal of the program is the establishment of strong, self-sustaining transatlantic research programs.

The trilateral collaboration includes all research areas, but with special focus on the following areas: Renewable Energy; Environment and Sustainability; Climate Change; Life Sciences and Biotechnology/Production.

News highlight

Six transatlantic research teams selected to receive two-year grants to establish new collaborations

June 2012 - Researchers from Norway and Minnesota submitted collaborative proposals requesting close to $1,000,000 in funding in an overwhelming response to a two-year grant solicitation for new translantic collaborations announced by the Norwegian Chair Program. Six "transatlantic dream teams" were selected to initiate new research projects staring in the Fall of 2012.


Claudia Schmidt-Dannert
Professor | UMN
Phone: 612.625.5782

Ragnhild Solheim
Research Director | UMB
Phone: +47.6496.6191

Ingrid Sogner
Deputy Director of Research | UiO
Phone: +47.2285.4465