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University of Minnesota
College of Biological Sciences

Brian Van Ness, PhD

PhD: University of Minnesota, 1979

Research Techniques:

Gene profiling (expression arrays, SNPs); Transfections; Flow cytometry; Transgenic mice; PCR


Research Interests:

The research in the Van Ness lab is directed at defining genetic deregulation that contributes to lymphoid malignancies, particularly multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma results from plasma cell expansion in the bone marrow, and unfortunately is very hard to treat. This difficulty comes in part from the variability in genetic and signaling pathways that are deregulated in the plasma cells as well as the cells in the bone marrow microenvironment. The lab is developing both cell lines and mouse models to explore how different genes can influence disease progression and therapeutic response. The lab is identifying some of the complexity of gene expression through microarray expression profiling; and we have undertaken a collaborative project to target gene deregulation that will contribute to models of plasma cell malignancy in the mouse. The Van Ness lab is also working with both national and international clinical groups to correlate genetic defects with disease outcome and response to different therapies. The ultimate goal is to contribute to genetic characterization of patients that will direct individualized therapy.


Selected Publications:

Fang, G., Haznadar, M., Wang, W., Haoyu, H., Steinbach, M., Church TR, Oetting, W, Van Ness, B, and Kumar, V. (2012) High-order SNP Combinations Associated with Complex Diseases:  Efficient Discovery, Statistical Power and Functional Interactions. PLOS One.  7(4):e33531. PMID: 22536319

Stessman, H, Baughn, L, Sarver, A, Xia, T, Deshpande, R, Mansoor, A, Linden, M, Wu, T, Zhan, F, Janz, S, Meyers, C, Van Ness, B.  (2013). Profiling bortezomib resistance and identification of secondary therapies in a mouse myeloma model.   Molecular Cancer Therap.  12:1140-1150.

Stessman, H, Mansoor, A, Linden, M, *Van Ness,B, *Baughn, L (2013). Plasma cell maturation recovers bortezomib sensitivity in a mouse model of multiple myeloma.  Submitted. (*co-corresponding authors) 

Stessman, H, Mansoor, A, *Van Ness, B, and *Baughn, L. (2013)Stabilization of AID by bortezomib does not confer increased drug target mutation frequency. Leukemia & LymphomaIn press.  (*co-corresponding authors

Stessman, H, Mansoor, BS, Zhan, F, Janz, S, Lindens, MA, *Baughn LB, *Van Ness, B. (2013) Reduced CXCR4 expression is associated with extramedullary disease in a mouse model of myeloma and predicts poor survival in multiple myeloma patients treated with bortezomib.  Submitted. (*co-corresponding authors)  Leukemia.  In press.

Bemmels, H and Van Ness. (2012) Mapping the inputs, analyses, and outputs of biobank research systems to identify sources of incidental findings and individual research results for potential return. Genetics in Med.  In press

Ferriere, M, and Van Ness, B.  (2012) Return of research results and incidental findings in the clinical trials cooperative group setting. Genetics in Med.  In press.

Wolf, S., Crock, B, Van Ness, B, et al. (2012) Managing incidental findings and research results in genomic research involving biobanks and archived datasets. Genetics in Med.  In press.

Linden, MA, Kirchoff, N, Carlson, CS, Van Ness, B. (2012) Targeted overexpression of an activated N-ras gene results in B- and plasma cell lymphoproliferation and cooperates with c-myc to induce fatal B-cell neoplasia.  Exp Hematology.  In press.

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Corthals, S,L, Sonneveld, P, Johnson, DC, Jongen J, de Knegt Y, Goldschmidt H, Lokhorst HM, Minivielle S, Magrangeas F, Hajek R,  Sezer O, Haraousseau J-L, van der Holt B, Kulper R, Durie B, Van Ness B, Morgan GJ, Avet-Loiseau. (2011) Genetic factors underlying the risk of bortezomib induced peripheral neuropathy in multiple myeloma patients.  J Clin Oncology.  In press.

Minarik J, Scudla V, Ordeltova M, Pika T, Bacovsky J, Steinbach M, Kumar V, Van Ness B.  (2011) Combined measurement of plasma cell proliferative and apoptotic index in multiple myeloma defines patients with good and poor prognosis. Leuk Res.35:44-48.

Church, T., Kursor, M., Hecht, S., Haznadar, and Van Ness, B.  (2010) Interaction of CYP1B1, cigarette-smoke carcinogen metabolism, and lung cancer risk.  Int’l J Molecular Epi and Genetics.  1:837-843.

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Fonseca, R, Bergsagel, L, Drach, J, Shaughnessy, J, Gutierrez, N, Stewart, K, Morgan , G, Van Ness, B, Chesi, M, Minvielle, S, Neri, A, Barlogie, B, Kuehl, M, Liebisch,P, Davies, F, Chen-Kiang, S, Durie, B, Carrasco, R, Sezer, O, Reiman, T, Pilarski, L, Loiseau, H.  (2009) International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) Molecular Classification of Multiple Myeloma: Spotlight Review. Leukemia. 23:2210-21.

Van Ness, B.  (2008) Genomic research and incidental findings. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics  36:292-297.

Van Ness, B, Ramos, C, Haznadar, M, Hoering, A,Haessler, J, Crowley, J, Jacobus, S, Oken, M, Rajkumar, V, Greipp, P, Barlogie, B, Durie, B, Katz, M, Atluri, G, Ganf, G, Gupta, R, Steinbach, M, Kumar, V, Mushlin, R, Johnson, D, and Morgan, G. (2008) Genomic Variation in Myeloma: Design, content, and initial application of the Bank On A Cure SNP Panel to analysis of survival.  BMC Medicine. 6:26.

Boylan, K, Kvitrud, M, Staggs, S, Janz, S,  Grindle, S, Kansas, G, and Van Ness, B. (2007) A transgenic mouse model of plasma cell malignancy shows phenotypic, cytogenetic, and gene expression heterogeneity similar to human multiple myeloma.  Cancer Research. 1;67(9):4069-78.

Cheung, WC, Kim, JS, Linden, M, Van Ness, B. Polakiewicz, R, and Janz, S. Novel targeted  deregulation of c-myc and bcl-xL combine to cause plasma cell malignancies in mice.  (2004) J. Clinical Invest.  113: 1763-1773.

Croonquist, P. Linden, M, Zhao, F, and Van Ness, B. (2003) Gene Profiling of a Myeloma Cell Line Reveals Similarities and Unique Signatures among IL-6 response, N-ras Activating Mutations and co-culture with Bone Marrow Stromal CellsBlood.  2581-2592

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Bcl-xL transgenic mouse develops myeloma like bone disease

Sternum of transgenic Bcl-xL transgenic mouse infiltrated with malignant plasma cells