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The DBC is a group of some 50 faculty who share an interest in the processes that create the form and function of the biological world around us. At the heart of developmental biology lies a search for the mechanisms that specify cell fates, control patterning in complex tissues, and organize collections of diverse cells into organs. Deciphering these mechanisms requires many approaches, including cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and neurobiology. These areas are reflected in the interests and research efforts of our faculty.

We employ a wide range of organisms and systems, and are fortunate to occupy new facilities on both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses. Developmental biology examines the function and interplay of genes in the context of an intact organism, and for this reason developmental biology continues to provide key insights into the functions of genes that have a huge impact on human disease. The DBC therefore provides a forum for interaction between basic research and clinical faculty, and a place for faculty from many departments to mix and exchange ideas. There are several scientific venues organized by the DBC, including weekly research talks where members share their latest results and our annual Developmental Biology Symposium. The Symposium invites top researchers from around the world to present their work in selected areas of developmental biology research and to interact extensively with our faculty, postdocs, and students.

We invite you to peruse our web site, see the breadth and depth of our research, and participate in our activities. It is a wonderful time to be a developmental biologist and at the University of Minnesota we are working hard to realize the promise that our new understanding of development can offer society.

Contacting the DBC

If you would like more information about the Developmental Biology Center please contact David Zarkower, the head of the DBC. email:

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DBC Email list

The DBC members and faculty email lists provide news and information for DBC related events. DBC members are responsible to be aware of the information forwarded through the list.

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24th Annual U of MN Developmental Biology Symposium
Monday, September 21, 2015 (details to follow)


2015-2016 DBC Friday Lab Meetings

September 4:Xueyang Pan – O’Connor lab
September 11: Amanda Neisch – Hays/Neufeld lab
September 18: Courtney Coombes– Gardner lab
September 25: Robin Lindeman – Zarkower lab
October 2:William Harcombe (EEB)
October 9:Allison Shaw (EEB)
October 16:Daniel Schmidt
October 23: Keith Sabin – Echeverri lab
October 30: Naomi Courtemanche
November 6: Soumya Mukherjee – Gardner lab
November 13:Shinichi Hayashi– Kawakami lab
November 20:Mayank Verma – Asakura lab
December 4:
Heather Edgerton – Clarke lab
December 11: Matthew Slattery's lab
December 18: Mary Kroetz – Zarkower lab
December 25: CHRISTMAS
January 8
:Lauren Jelenchick – Gardner lab
January 15: Myung-Jun Kim – O’Connor lab
January 22: Cosmo Saunders – Luxton lab
January 29: Frank Albert
February 5: Masahiko Takemura – Nakato lab
February 12: Anna Minkina – Zarkower lab
February 19:Theresa Edelman – Rougvie lab
February 26:Cat Lee – Tolar lab
March 4: Nick Blixt – Mansky lab
March 11: Wuming Gong – Garry lab
March 25
: Ambuj Upadhyay – O’Connor lab
April 1: Jami Erickson – Echeverri lab
April 8: Emilie Snell-Rood
April 15: Lindsay Moss-Taylor – O’Connor lab
April 22: Laurie Parker (BMBB)
April 29: Julaine Roffers-Agarwal – Gammill lab
May 6: Mark Murphy – Bardwell lab