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Thinking outside the lines - GCD's Aninyda Bagchi shares his insight into the process of discover and how to set the stage for students to make their own.

Genome jump start  A symposium this spring catalyzed conversations at the U about a paradigm shift in medicine.

A closer look at cilia  GCD's Richard Linck uncovers structure, protein elements within cilia critical to human function and disease.

Press release: Master regulator of key cancer gene found, offers new drug target

Courtney Coombes (Gardner lab) and Spencer Luebben (Shima lab) participated in the inaugural 3 Minute Thesis competition during the 7th annual Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs Research Recognition Day on May 24, 2014. Nine Ph.D. graduate students participated. It is very exciting to announce that Courtney won first prize in the competition. Congratulations to Spencer for delivering a great presentation as well.

U.S. Geological Society names Mount Sinha in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica after Professor Akhouri Sinha. read more