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About the major

You’ve made it this far on our Web site, which means your interest level is increasing. So let us explain a little more about what you can expect when you major in ecology, evolution and behavior.

You’ll learn about plant and animal communities and ecosystems, how they interact and relate to each other, how they evolved over time and how they might change in the future, and how they behave in terms of socializing and adapting to their environment. As you can image, this includes an endless array of issues and topics that can be explored. In fact, our faculty’s research involves issues like how specific genes affect the aging process; how climate change affects plants in tropical rain forests; how frogs are affected by the “cocktail party problem,” where there’s a constant wall of noise; and how outside forces influence mating preferences in animals.

Research opportunities can be a part of your Ecology, Evolution and Behavior undergraduate experience. Through them, you'll get unforgettable hands-on experience and a chance to develop your long-term and professional interests.