University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
College of Biological Sciences

Chemical and Structural Biology Division


Primary Members

Hideki Aihara

Molecular mechanisms of DNA rearrangement/recombination reactions

Ian M. Armitage

Multinuclear magnetic resonance techniques; metalloproteins/metal homeostasis; Alzheimer's Disease.

John D. Lipscomb

Oxygenase mechanisms, metalloproteins, magnetic resonance techniques, kinetics.

Hiroshi Matsuo

(Division Head)

Protein structure; RNA structure; Protein-RNA, DNA interaction; Enzyme kinetics.

Kevin H. Mayo

Cell adhesion; protein-protein/carbohydrate interactions.

Douglas H. Ohlendorf

Protein engineering; structural biology; x-ray crystallography; molecular biology.

David D. Thomas

Molecular dynamics in muscle.

Gianluigi Veglia

Structure and dynamics of membrane embedded enzymes.

Kylie Walters

Targeted protein degradation; Protein quality control; NMR spectroscopy.

Carrie M. Wilmot

Structural enzymology: Metal ions & organic co-factors; Human disease: cardiovascular, Alzheimers.

Secondary Members

Do-Hyung Kim

Biological networks that coordinate metabolism and growth.

Alex J. Lange

Diabetes, metabolite sensing and signaling, metabolic enzyme regulation.

Joint Members - From Other Departments

Que, Jr., Lawrence

Active site structures and mechanisms of nonheme iron enzymes; trapping of reactive intermediates, design and synthesis of functional metalloenzyme models and chiral oxidation catalysts; artificial DNA hydolysis agents.


Chemical and Structural Facilities




Consultant: Dr. Gregory D. Gillispie

Kahlert Structural Biology Laboratory
Director: Dr. Carrie Wilmot
Manager: Ed Hoeffner

Nano Crystallization Facility
Director: Dr. Douglas Ohlendorf
Manager: Ke Shi

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility
Director: Dr. Gianluigi Veglia
Manager: Dr. Beverly Ostrowski

Faculty Research Interests

X-Ray Crystallography
Hideki Aihara
Douglas H. Ohlendorf
Carrie M. Wilmot

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Ian M. Armitage
Kevin H. Mayo
Hiroshi Matsuo
Gianluigi Veglia
Kylie Walters

Spectroscopy and other Biophysical Methods
John Lipscomb
David Thomas