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Biology Program teaching faculty publish research relating to biology education. Browse a sampling of recent publications.

Cotner, Brooks and Moore, Linking science knowledge with civic responsibility: evolution & student voting patterns, in press at Reports of the NCSE.

*Schauer, Cotner, and Moore, Teaching evolution to students with compromised backgrounds and confidence about evolution—is it possible? in press at The American Biology Teacher.

Ratcliff, *Raney, *Westreich and Cotner, A novel laboratory activity for teaching about the evolution of multicellularity, in press at The American Biology Teacher.

Cotner, *Loper, Walker and Brooks, D. 2013. It’s Not You, It’s the Room (or, Are the High-Tech, Active Learning Classrooms Worth It?), Journal of College Science Teaching 42(6), 82-88.

Moore, R. and Cotner, S. 2013. Evolution and Creationism in America’s Biology Classrooms, BioLogos Forum,

Cotner, S. and Nelson, P. Evolution and Biology of Sex (lab manual). 2013. Bluedoor: Minnesota.

Moore, R. and Cotner, S. 2013. Understanding Galápagos—What You’ll See and What It Means, McGraw-Hill: New York, NY.

Cotner, S., *Kempnich, M. and *Kleinschmidt, J. 2012, Video Podcasts Add Life to General Zoology, in Duin, Nater, and Anklesauria, eds, Cultivating Change in the Academy-- 50+ Stories from the Digital Frontlines, University of Minnesota, open-source ebook.

Mosser A, Avgar T, Spencer W, Brown G, and Fryxell J. Towards an energetic landscape: broad-scale accelerometry in Ontario woodland caribou. In press at Journal of Animal Ecology.

Avgar T, Mosser A, Brown G, and Fryxell J. Environmental and individual drivers of animal movement patterns across a wide geographical gradient. 2013. 82(1): 96–106 Journal of Animal Ecology.

Eby S, Mosser A, Swanson A, Packer C, Ritchie M. 2013. The impact of burning on lion (Panthera leo) habitat choice in an African savanna. 59(3): 335–339 Current Zoology.

Sinclair ARE., Metzger K, Fryxell J, Packer C, Byrom A, Craft M, Hampson K, Lembo T, Durant S, Forrester G, Bukombe J, Mchetto J, Dempewolf J, Hilborn R, Cleaveland S, Nkwabi A, Mosser A, and Mduma S. 2013. Asynchronous food web pathways could buffer the response of Serengeti predators to El Niño Southern Oscillation. 94(5): 1123–1130 Ecology.

Staley, C., T. Unno, T.j. Gould, B. Jarvis, J. Phillips, J.b. Cotner, and M.j. Sadowsky. 2013. “Application of Illumina Next-generation Sequencing to Characterize the Bacterial Community of the Upper Mississippi River.” Journal of Applied Microbiology 115 (5): 1147–1158. doi:10.1111/jam.12323. To see an educational outreach program relating to this research, go here:

Wick, S., M. Decker, D. Matthes, R. Wright. 2013. Students propose genetic solutions to societal problems. Science 341:1467-1468.

Linder, G.E., Chuntova, P.D., McLelland, B.T., Ano L., Obodo, U.C, Crider, N.J., Matthes, D.J., Garcia-Ojeda, M., Manilay, J.O., and Chatterjea, D. (2013).  Semaphorins 4A is dynamically regulated during thymocyte development in mice. Cellular Immunology 281(2): 150-158.

Brooker, R., Couch, B., Matthes, D., Wassenberg, D., Wick, S., and Wright, R.  (2013).  SCALE-UP in an Introductory Biology Course.  Chapter in Connected Science: Strategies for  Integrative Learning in College, ed. Ferrett, T.A., Geelan, D. Schlegal, W.M. and Steward, J.L. Indiana University Press.


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Moore, R., M. Decker, and S. Cotner. 2009. Chronology of the Evolution-Creationism Controversy. Greenwood Press, Westport CT.

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