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Biodiversity protects grassland stability

How biodiversity interacts with ecosystem stability and productivity is key to understanding the impacts of environmental changes on ecosystem functions. In a series of decade-long experiments in temperate grassland, researchers at Cedar Creek manipulated nitrogen, water, carbon dioxide, herbivory, and fire. In all cases, plant species diversity was important for preserving ecosystem function during environmental change. Hence, the preservation and restoration of biodiversity buffer ecosystems against anthropogenic assault.  Just published in Science.

Cedar Creek is delighted to welcome its new Associate Director, Dr. Forest Isbell.






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July 13-17, 2015
Spend a week at Cedar Creek building your ecology toolbox with our summer ecology course for educators -  Ecology and Earth System Dynamics for Educators, a graduate level 3-credit field-based ecology course held at Cedar Creek from July 13-17, 2015Visit our Professional Development page for course flyer and registration instructions.

Cedar Creek is accepting applications for Plant Community Ecology Internships and Prescribed Burn Technicians for the 2015 field season.  See our Employment page for more information.

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